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The Savage wild

The Savage Wild is a mythical world where music Comes To Life.

It is protected by Sasquatch, who are the Wardens of the Wild, and their music brings life to creation. We work with illustrators and artists to connect our visions to our music.


An East Tennessee native who traveled the west coast for 8 years learning the craft of live performance. He has returned home as a force of nature and is starting to make a name for himself as a premier artist in the South.  

In 2022 he was recruited by, flown to LA, and produced by the same producers of OneRepublic, Tame Impala, and Arctic Monkeys.  

His original sound is based in soul, rock, blues, and r&b with addictive riffs, powerful lyrics, and great vocals. Live shows are energetic, memorable, and kick-ass.  

Corey is capable of playing up to 4 hours of reimagined covers and original music as a full band. He adapts well to any venue in terms of volume and dynamics, allowing his band to play larger clubs as well as smaller spaces and everything in between.