Corey James Clifton

Soulful, Groove based Rock & Roll

An East Tennessee native who traveled the west coast for 8 years learning the craft of live performance. 

His original sound is a fusion of soul, blues-rock, funk, and r&b with addictive riffs, powerful lyrics, and great vocals. Live shows are energetic, memorable, and kick-ass.

In 2022 he was recruited by, flown to LA, and produced by the same producers of OneRepublic, Tame Impala, and Arctic Monkeys.

He is a recording artist and co-writer for Baxter House Music - a non-exclusive sync licensing company that has over 20 billion streams.

He is the son of Sasquatch.

Music & live video

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Sync music artistry

Baxter House Music

Corey is also a recording artist and co-writer with Baxter House Music - a sync licensing music company that has over 20 billion streams. 

They've worked with Disney, Paramount, Nike, Netflix, and many more.

Press photos

Press / Reviews

“...this is a band that makes you feel like you’ve heard their stuff before even if you haven’t. Beautiful, rich, clean sounds were frequently surprised with exploding, hard-hitting tempo changes. There is more than enough talent with this band, catch them live if you can.” ”

— Northwest Music Scene